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Weight-Free Snacks – Weightless Foods

Weight-Free Snacks – Weightless Foods for Weight-Loss !

Hello friends ! We all want to consume a lot of snacks instead of the main foods. Some of us prefer candies, ice creams, desserts, while some prefer salty snacks like chips, crackers. Today we are going to talk about the fat-free snacks aka weightless snacks that you can consume instead of the weighty snacks that you are consuming. You will eat less at mealtime and you will lose weight at this time because you will get rid of your hunger and keep your blood sugar in balance. Let’s have a look at the snack foods that do not weight gain.

Healthy Weight-Free Snacks List – Weightless Snacks

  • Bitter Chocolate

Chocolate is a snack we all love very much of course. But did you know that bitter chocolate is healthier ? Why is it especially bitter chocolate ? Bitter chocolate is a healthy snack because it contains more cocoa than other chocolate and less sugary and fat than the other chocolates. Especially when drinking milk, we consume the bitter chocolate our metabolism will speed up but we should be careful not to consume too much. Because although it is innocent from other chocolates, bitter chocolate has calorie.

  • Milk

fat-free snacks

Milk is rich in calcium is necessary for our body at any age. It is a beverage that should be consumed not only for children but also for young people and even for mature people who are against bone era. It is up to you how to drink milk, but it will increase the feeling of fullness by warming it up rather than drinking it like water. You can also consume it by adding coffee, cocoa, cinnamon, honey or molasses into the milk. It will still be healthy, but experts suggest you never add sugar. If you say that “I can not drink milk without sugar”, you can taste it with honey or molasses.

  • Oatmeal


Oatmeal is a highly consumable snack with a high fiber ratio. Of course, it would not be very enjoyable to throw your oatmeal with a spoon but there are innumerable recipes that we can make oatmeal very tasty. Also its very healthy Weight-Free Snack. If we have to give a few examples;

– Oatmeal- Yoghurt- Fresh fresh fruit
– Oatmeal- Yogurt- Honey
– Oatmeal- Yoghurt- Walnut
– Oatmeal – Yoghurt – Dried grape – Dried apricot
– Oatmeal- Milk- Cacao

  • Yogurt


Calcium in yogurt makes it easier to burn fat as well as reduce edema, opening our circulation triggers to lose weight. We can make yogurt more enjoyable with mixtures like the yogurt mixes mentioned above on the oatmeal. For example;

– Yoghurt – Oatmeal – Fresh fresh fruit
– Yogurt – Oatmeal – Honey
– Yogurt – Oatmeal – Walnut
– Yogurt – Oatmeal – Dried grape- Dried Apricot
– Yoghurt – Honey
– Yoghurt – Red pepper flakes – Parsley
– Yoghurt – Cheese – Lemon

  • Ayran


Ayran is a Turkish fresh and healthy drink. It’s yogurt, water and salt mixture. The idea of coloring our ayran with mint or basil makes it more attractive. For those who like gas drinks, mineral water – ayran Duo can be recommended as a wonderful refreshing drink.

  • Walnut


Omega-3-rich walnuts make it easy for you to accelerate your metabolism as well as to make you feel full. It also allows us to be more energetic, increases the level of perception. Eating 1 handful of fresh nuts with any fruit will allow us to lose weight faster. Also its healthy Weight-Free Snack !

  • Hazelnut-Raisins


The contribution of hazelnut to losing weight is indisputable. If it is consumed together with raisins, we will be able to obtain a rich mixture of iron and contribute to the speed of our metabolism.

  • Roasted Chickpea-Raisins


This mixture that we can put in our bag will be a junk food that keeps a high nutritional value when we want to snack.

  • Dried Apricots

healthy snacks

Dried apricots are a favorite snack by a lot of people also it’s very healthy. It also opens the intestines. It is an unquestionable fact that it has a feeling of satiety. Dry Apricot-Walnut duo is indispensable. With dried apricot roasted chickpea, we can even consume yogurt with oatmeal. Still, it’s good not to overdo it when you’re consuming. I hope you enjoy our weight-free junk food article.

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