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The Importance of Snacks When on a Diet

snacks on diet
The Importance of Snacks When on a Diet

The Importance of Snacks When on a Diet

You are dieting but you can’t lose weight or you are getting too hungry when on a diet? Then you’re missing something very important that every diet must include. “Snacks.

For a healthy and long life we must eat well and know what our body needs. Eating healthy food, knowing when and how much to eat etc. . And with a good diet you can provide all of this and start your new life.

The importance of snacks on diet !

When you on a diet you start to eat or drink less then you normally do. And of course your body will react that. You will eat a meal but your body will think it needs more which it doesn’t. Your blood sugar will start to drop and you will feel hungry. You will want to open your refrigator eat whatever you see. And if you do that you CAN NOT lose weight. But about 1.5- 2 hours after the meal, a snack that consumes fruit, bread, dry nuts prevents you from getting too hungry and does not get too much calories on your next meal and also you will pretend your blood sugar drop. To think basically you will trick your body. In addition, if you have meals more often it will becomes a habit of eating, so the rate of metabolism increases. Weight loss accelerates due to increased metabolic rate. You will have 6 ( or 5 depends on your diet) meals instead of 3.

snacks on diet
The Importance of Snacks When on a Diet

Okay, we got that its important. But what will we eat as snacks?

It’s also important what you eat as snacks. You should eat things that keeps your stomach busy until your next meal. Sugary foods and drinks, artificial foods and generally industrial sugar and salt should be avoided remember you are trying to stay healthy.

Here are some good snacks to eat:

  • Dried fruits
  • Dried nuts
  • Some biscuits and a cup of tea (of course without sugar).
  • Kefir
  • Probiotic yoghurt
  • Ayran with some salty biscuits (Ayran is a Turkish drink. It’s cold water and yogurt mixture with some salt. (you can add mint also) It’s very refreshing and healthy.)
  • Raw vegetables and humus
  • 20 grams bitter chocalate and 10 almonds

Happy dieting! Here is some good tea recipe to drink while you having snacks https://www.bestdietlists.com/diet-recipes/special-fat-burning-tea-repice-for-weight-loss/

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