Quick Weight Loss Tips for Lazy Girls

11 Lazy girls tips for lose weight fast !

Are you a lazy girl ? You should be ashamed. in fact, many of us are lazy 🙂 The most healthy and fast way to lose weight to actually do the exercise. But sometimes we don’t have time or energy. Or we like to be lazy 🙂 Without too much effort to get rid of excess weight with small touches.

It’s okay if you don’t do all of these things 100%. I promise you can put these simple hacks into action. Will you lose 25 pounds overnight ? Of course no. But from now on, thanks to the simple suggestions I will offer you, you will lose 20-30 pounds in 3 months and you will see that you have lost weight when you look in the mirror.

Quick Weight Loss Tips for Lazy Girls

1 – Avoid Fast Foods & Packaged Foods

You know that processed foods are quite harmful. They’re contain high calories and harmful fats. Instead of fast food meals every day, prepare your own dinner and take it to the workplace. So you will get healthy calories instead of harmful calories. Also your money will stay in your pocket. So double win ! 

2 – Prefer Small Plates and Bowls

The larger your plate, the more food you eat ! Portion control is very important ! If you use a large plate you’ll want to fill it. If you use a small plate you will naturally fill less. Our brain detects the feeling of saturation late. So try to eat slowly.

3 – Drink Water Before Meals

If you want to lose weight fast you should definitely apply a method. If you drink 1 or 2 glasses of water just before eating, you will eat less because of the feeling of satiety. When you try, you will see the effect with your own eyes.

4 – Do not drink unnecessary calorie stuff

Americans drink an average of 400 calories a day. This causes us to take hundreds of calories that cause us to get fat ! We can focus on healthy drinks rather than drinking high-sugar and high-calorie products. You can drink unsweetened herbal teas or add some fruit and flavor into the water. Do you know how high-calorie coffee like Cappuccino is ?

5 – Use a Water Bottle Tracker

Always carry with you everywhere ! If you do not have a habit of drinking water, you will be forced at first. But your body will start to crave after about 1 week. So water bottle trackers are great especially when you’re first starting out.

6 – Always Take Care to Eat Vegetables, Tortillas and Lean Meat

Lean meats and vegetables are excellent foods to lose weight. You can prepare lean meat and vegetables with high protein and low calorie tortillas. Easy to prepare and carry ! You can prepare it in a few days and keep it in the refrigerator.

7 – Prep Meals Ahead

Prepping your meals ahead of time can seem like a lot of work but actually it isn’t. It is enough to cook every four days instead of cooking every day. Get some containers and your meals will stay good in the fridge for at least four days. Instead of getting fast food, you can cook them quickly in the microwave.

8 – Try to Sit Less 

We sit at home, at work, driving, spending time on the computer. We spend very little calories while sitting. Instead of sitting on a regular basis, we must move our body. We can take a break every few hours while watching television and do a squat exercise or walk. It is quite useful.

9 – Eat Healthy Snacks

You can have healthy snacks in your kitchen and office. For example fruit vegetables (including dried), nut mixes, cheese sticks, yoghurt are good and healthy preferences. It’s also really good to always keep some of these with you. 

I don’t know you, but i want unhealthy stuff when hungry. So I carry the healthy snacks I mentioned above and when I eat them, my desire disappears.

10 – Do a Short Workout, Don’t Tire Yourself

You know how healthy it is to exercise every day and helps to lose weight. But 10 minutes a day is enough to do the exercise ! Exercising for hours takes us a lot of time and a lot of time. Short workouts are perfect for when you’re new to working out or when you’re just feeling lazy. You can browse the exercises on our site: https://www.bestdietlists.com/exercises/

11 – Do Not Overload Yourself

Maybe that’s the thing we made the most mistakes. We are in a hurry and we are overloaded. We must spread all these stages over time. We have to live without disrupting our psychology, without obsessing about it. If you apply what is written here you will see that you are starting to weaken within 3-4 months. You don’t need to do more ! I would like to keep your morale high as a person who has lost 50 kilos in 4 months. You can read my weight loss story on the site.

Waiting for any questions and feedback, goodbye!

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