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Plan Your Meal to Stay Healthy !

What is the meal planning ?
What is the meal planning ?

What is Meal Planning ?

You are on a diet to lose weight or protect your weight. But you are very tired of eating same things. Or maybe the list of meals start to make a hole in your wallet. Why don’t you make your own diet?

Meal planing is basically knowing what to eat at dinner. You can make lists of diets on your own. But remember your goal  must be stay healthy. 1-year plan, 6 months, 3 months, 2 weeks etc. its up to you. But remember if you have diabetics, pregnant or chronic illness you should contact your dietician first. The goal here is not to hate eating while trying to stay healthy. You can make varieties of meals of your like while staying healthy.

Ideal Meal Planning

Everyone doesn’t have the same life. While meal planning you should consider this. Your age, line of work, gender, life style, body weight etc.. For example; a 39 years-old female lawyer with two kids and a 38 years-old single male engineer don’t have same calorie consuming rates. Thats why you should consider everything in your life while making your own meal plannings. You shouldn’t be too harsh or genorous to your body.

Ideal meal planning has 3 meals and 2 (or 3) snacks in it. But depends on your needs it can change. In a standard diet, maintaining the ideal weight is achieved by being healthy and distributing a calorie level at certain rates to ensure the efficiency of the day. But in your current lifestyle you may not reach everything you need. For example you are archaeologist and you are currently working in Siberia, finding watermelon could be difficult for you if you are not that rich. But you can find anything else with same calorie with watermelon.

Your meal planning should contain necessary energy and nutrients. If you are making exercises you should consider this while planning your meals. And you shouldn’t forget your snacks also. You can find importance of snacks from this link the importance of snack when on a diet . And also some good weight free snacks from this link weight-free snacks .

 What is your benefits ?

  • With meal planning you don’t have to throw your foods to trash you will now what to eat and how much to eat.
  • Your wallet will be happier because you will know what to buy.
  • Better motivation.
  • Better pshycology.
  • Eat what you like (remember not to everdo).

Stay healthy! Here some good exercises with your new meal planning ! Click for exercises at-home

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