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Scientifically Proven Effective 20 Weight Loss Tips

Scientifically Proven Most Effective
20 Weight Loss Tips !

It is always good to stick with a good diet plan. In this article we will talk about weight loss tips that will help you with your diet plan. If you are willing to lose weight, you should consider these tips. There are many diet plans around; which one is really helping us to lose weight healthy ? Because of that we should change our perspective about foods, in order to gain healthy nutrition pattern. Here we go!

Most Effective 20 Weight Loss Tips

Drink a lot of water

Drink Water for Weight Loss

As we all know water is essential for our life. Most effective benefit of water is that it’s speed up our metabolism in range of %24-30. Eventually we lose more calories and lose weight more easily. Check out our article about speeding up metabolism.

Eat eggs in breakfast

Breakfast is considered most important meal. Eating eggs along grain weighted breakfast keeps us full for longer time. This way, we take less calories through day and weight loss come with it. Also, it helps us to lower body’s fat ratio.

Egg is one of the most healthy protein sources.
Egg is one of the most healthy protein sources

Drink coffee

Drinking coffee is a open discussion type of action when it comes to weight loss. Nevertheless, drinking a sugar-cream free dark coffee or even Turkish coffee speeds up our metabolism. Coffee also is rich source of antioxidant. Of course, it shouldn’t be over drunk.

Does coffee help to lose weight ?
Does coffee help to lose weight ?

Drink green tea

Green tea is also a powerful antioxidant source because it provides catechin. It helps to speed our metabolism and burning our fat.

Green Tea for Weight Loss
Green Tea for Weight Loss

Use coconut oil while cooking

Coconut oil contains high amount of triglyceride. It speeds up our metabolism and reduce daily calorie intake by 256 which make easier lose weight.

Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Avoid sugar and sweeteners

Sugar is the main suspect of gaining weight. Also, artificial sweeteners, fructose syrup and sugar are considered linked to diabetes and hearth diseases

Avoid Sugar and Sweeteners

Lower carbohydrate intake

Besides healthy carbohydrates, eating pastry and carbohydrates which lost grain value should be avoid as possible as can be. Researches show that, carbohydrates cause instant raise of blood sugar. Therefore, we feel hungry in short time before we consume carbohydrate which leads us to eat more and gain weight.

Lower Carbohydrate Intake

Keep a food diary

You know what they say; “The palest ink is stronger than the sharpest memory.” Because of that it is always good to keep record. What did you eat, how much calories you took? You can calculate from your diary and it helps you with weight loss.

Keep a food diary

Consume food that contains capsaicine

Capsaicine is especially can be found in hot peppers. It speeds up our metabolism and make us feel less hungry.

Hot Pepper

Do cardio

Doing exercises in a daily basis i the best way to lose weight also it reduces stress. Particularly, in order to burn fat from our belly area we should do exercise. Check out our exercise page which you can easily do at home.

Cardio accelerates weight loss

Make exercises that will make you stronger

When lose weight, our muscle ratio can be dropped and grow weak. To avoid such problem you can do exercises like weight lift along with a good diet plan.

Exercises for Weight Loss

Eat plenty of fibrous food

Fibrous food helps digestion and makes us feel full for long time. Eventually, helps us to lose weight.

Eat plenty of fibrous food

Fruit and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables consists of mostly water and they are low calorie food. Which means we can eat more of them and in the end we end up with less calorie intake. Researches show that, people who eat fruit and vegetables regularly are likely to gain less weight then who doesn’t.

get rid of belly fat
Fruit & Vegetables

Chew slowly

We are sure that you have moments like when you eat enough food and you still feel hungry. Reason of that, signals of being full transmitting to brain lately. When you eat fast, signal transmitters even later and we keep eating. Slow eating and long chews are important for the weight loss.

Eat Slowly

Sleep well

Getting enough sleep is very important for your health. Getting less sleep than we need can cause obesity. While this ratio is %89 on children, %55 for adults.

Sleep well

Don’t be addicted to eating

Addiction may seem a harsh word. If you consider the eating action is more than being full and enjoy yourself, you may suffer from eating addiction. According to a study made in 2014, %19 of Americans fulfill the term of “eating addict”.

Don’t be addicted to eating

Consume more protein

A diet plan which is rich in terms of protein intake can raise your metabolism speed by 80-100 calories. While you feel less hungry you can take 441 calorie less.

High protein take for weight loss

Don’t take your calories from beverages

We mentioned that sugar and food which contains sugar is unhealthy. Drinks with sugar is more dangerous for our health. According to recent studies, liquid sugar contains more calories. That is why we should avoid artificial juices and fizzy drinks.

Don’t take your calories from beverages

Eat unprocessed foods

Diet plans and nutrition programs shouldn’t aim to weight loss in short notice. They should be long term eating habits that makes us healthier. Through this way, we can achieve both weight loss and healthy life. Eating fresh and avoiding unprocessed foods is the first step in our weight loss journey.

Eat unprocessed foods

Hope this article was useful for you. Weight loss requires great determination. With this weight loss tips you are one step closer to your dreams!

Also you can read my own weight loss journey here!

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