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How Did My Life Change After I Lose Weight ?

how did my life change after i lost weight

How Did My Life Change After I Lose Weight ? My Weight Loss Story

I want to tell you today my weight loss story,  how my life changed after losing weight. This topic is not about how to lose weight. I explained how I lose weight and the diet plan I applied in my other article. If you want to read click here: “my diet plan” If we go back to how my life changed after losing weight, we go back to the past I must say, I wasn’t very social at school before I lost weight. I thought I was so ugly and worthless. I was a fat man with glasses. And this situation made me psychologically worse. I couldn’t communicate with girls and I couldn’t relate. When I was in the second year of college, I decided to lose weight.

“I’ve been stubborn about it !”

I explained how I lost weight in detail here. Link my diet plan and etc..: How did i lose 50 pounds in 4 months This is not our point now, our subject is how my life has changed. I stopped myself as someone who likes to eat junk food. I’ve been stubborn about it ! I stubbornly abstained and stayed away from these foods. After a short weight-loss marathon of 4 months, I lost 22 kilograms. (48.50 pounds !) I dropped 78 kilogram when I was 100.

“This greatly increased my self-confidence.”

The actual event starts from here. After losing weight, people started to feel the difference in their gaze. This greatly increased my self-confidence. Psychologically, I felt better now. I also started using the lens after losing weight. So I lost weight and got rid of the glasses. Now I realize the girls are trying to talk to me. I started to get offers from girls who I liked but didn’t look at me when I was in the 1st year of college ! yes it was getting real, like in the movies ! All of a sudden I was becoming popular at school. Of course I pushed those girls aside. And I started dating another girl from school. Obviously, this sequence of events increased my self-esteem.

“Now that I know, all my life has changed !”

I was in archeology when I was in college. And job opportunities were very limited. So I wanted to turn to different professions. I was able to enter the Police Academy, which is a written examination and a physical examination requirement. I had to see him in my eyes well to get into the police academy. That’s why I had surgery in my eyes and I got rid of the lens too.  I was going to graduate as senior officer, not as regular police officer. And it was a very cool and difficult success in my country.

I won the exam and went to the police academy. In the meantime, I could not run with my beloved in school and we left friendly. After school is finished i was appointed to a different city and started working as a commissioner. I started working in the smuggling unit, which is a cool unit, wearing civilian clothes. I’m not someone who likes to wear a uniform anyway. After some success in business life, I met a girl with a lawyer. She is the love of my life. Our ideas, thoughts and hobbies were the same. We had a lot in common. Everything went great and after 1.5 years, we got married last August 2018 ! Now that I know, all my life has changed !

Now I want to ask you !

If I didn’t lose weight, could I find the love of my life ? Could I be able to do my favorite job ?

You know very well what the answer is.

“I would never have met the woman i was married.”

Yes being overweight is not a big problem but it is really blocking us to do some things. If I didn’t lose weight, I wouldn’t be a police officer because of physical barriers. After losing weight, being a cop and being assigned to a different city made me meet my wife now. so if I had not lost weight I would be in another city, i would be in a different job and i would never have met the woman i was married to. In short, who says that losing weight does not affect human life is lying ! I hope my story will inspire you. My goal is to encourage and encourage people who want to lose weight. If you have detailed questions about my weight loss story, i can answer these questions. My article about what I eat and drink during the diet: My Diet Plan

I hope you liked my weight loss story I wish a happy and healthy day.

By the way, before after photos:



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