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7 Best Ways to Speed Up Metabolism – How Can You Speed Up Metabolism ?

7 Best Ways to Speed Up Metabolism

What is Metabolism and How Does It Work ?

Metabolism is the burning consumed food through cells in order to support human body’s vital functions. It is transforming to taken calories into energy. This process can change human to human. A slow working metabolism makes you gain weight. You should avoid physical movements and food which slow down your metabolism.

So why our metabolism slows down ? There are many reasons for that. Most common is the also problem of our time. Immobility. Having a day without movement results in less calorie burn. Thus, metabolism slows. Another thing that slows our metabolism is irregular sleep. Drinking less water than we need, having less protein through food and low-calorie diets can also slows our metabolism.

How to Calculate Metabolism Speed ?

Here is the equation that is mostly used for calculating basic metabolism speed by Harris-Benedict.

Males = 66 + {13.7 x Weight(kg)} + {5 x Height(cm)} –{6.8 x Age}

Females = 655 + {9.6 x Weight(kg)} + {1.7 x Height(cm)} – {4.7 x Age}

Do You Wonder How to Increase Metabolism ?

7 Best Ways to Speed Up Metabolism

While losing weight, are you getting hard time because of your slow metabolic speed rate ? Here is a topic for you! Learn 7 best ways to speed up your metabolism !

Every people that wants to lose weight dreams about a nice rapid metabolism. A life with malnutrition and inactivity creates a slow metabolism problems. This kind of habits makes you sweat while trying to lose some weight.

As people age, metabolism slows down. Even further ageing up, metabolism losses effort to burn down your fats and transform it to basically, energy. But we know some ways to helps us about in this situation.

Actually, while we talking about metabolic speed rate,we need to mention that this whole process contains all the chemical cycles in our bodies. So in this process, you may wanna eat things that makes your metabolism works faster ! And with the other ways you can always keep your metabolism active and fast.

There are lots of nutritional sources that accelerates your metabolic speed rate. Also, you can make some habits that speeds up your metabolism visibly. İn this article, you can learn how do speedup your metabolic speed rate with these 7 hints.

Speed up your metabolism

1. Eat small portions

Eating less in a meal and increasing amounts of meals is healthier, to get rid of feel of hunger and fill your stomach really nice and quick, maybe fell comfy and stress-free but this kind of mistakes have very bad effect on your metabolic speed rate.

Have breakfast every day. And don’t be mistaken with skipping dinner. Have regular and enough time spaces between meals. Having too much time period between meals causes instant decrease of your blood glucose level and a slow metabolism. 

2. Eat spicy foods to speed up metabolism

Cook your meals with nice and decent amounts of spices. With adding cayenne pepper and hot pepper in your meals you can get instantly %25 faster metabolism. All this caused by capsaicin material. Capsaicin is an active compound that fight with your fats until last bullet. Also, capsaicin is a stimulant that makes your meal tastier.

Red Pepper

You may cook spicy meals three times in a week. In this way your metabolic speed rate increases significantly. If you on a diet at the meantime, try to pay attention to your diet, with eating spicy foods, you can really lose weight in a healthy and fast.

3. Eat protein to speed up metabolism

You may get shocked by the effect of eating protein to metabolic speed rate. Eating protein helps to get your metabolism to a best work rate. Because digestion of protein takes more time than the other food components. Digestion of protein takes much time because body needs more energy to disassemble it.

High Protein Foods

But it’s important to choose the most proper protein compound. For example, eating meat can cause a slow metabolism. Because meat contains lots of fat compounds.

Here are some protein resources that you may want to choose;

  • Yoghurt
  • Sardine
  • Salmon
  • Egg
  • Chickpea
  • Avocado
  • Tuna
  • Chicken
  • Grapefruit

4. Speed up Metabolism with Coffee and Green Tea

It is preferable to drink regularly and decent amounts of coffee and green tea for speed up metabolism. Also, it’s good for brain and stress. Drinking a cup coffee is enough.

metabolism speed green tea
Green Tea

Coffee, slows down intro susception of carbohydrates.

Green tea helps our body to transform fat to energy. You can drink a cup of tea at the afternoon.

5. High Rate Training’s

For losing weight, gaining muscle mass and speeding up metabolic speed rate, high rate training’s are very important. A five-minute training that composition of high rate anaerobic and aerobic training’s, can be very helpful.

6. Speed up metabolism with drinking water

Drink water instead coke,7-up and the other drinks that contains too much sugar. A healthy metabolism starts with healthy bloodstream and healthy urinary system. Pay attention to drink at least three liters of water each day. But also don’t go too far.

drink water for speed up metabolism

7. Speed up metabolism with regulating calorie amount that you took

Getting enough calories each day, Calories that we took, if not enough to get movement that we need in a normal day, our metabolic speed rate going to decrease because of lack of energy that we have not going to be able to carry us in daily basis. We need to take enough calories that we going to spend in a day. So, regulate the calorie amount that you took in a day.

I hope you like metabolism acceleration methods. Of course, you need to make a proper diet to speed up your metabolism. Here you can check the super metabolism diet ! Take care of yourself ! 

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