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How to Dispose Toxins from Our Body ? Get Rid of Toxins in the Body

How to Dispose Toxins from Our Body ?

How to Dispose Toxins from Our Body ?

Some of our organs take action in the process of disposing toxins from our body. Liver, bowels, lungs and skin are among them. So, how can we dispose the toxin within our body ?

In order to have a healthy liver, we mustn’t eat saturated fat and refined sugar products. Also, we should avoid alcohol consumption. These type or products will prevent liver from working healthy and properly. Finally, toxins cannot be disposed from our body.

Because of physiological and physical stress moments we experienced and infection diseases we had, harmful waste is generated in our body. Duty of the disposing these wastes is fulfilled by our liver, lung, bowels and derma. As a result of cooperation these organs we dispose toxins.

Toxins enter our body through food we eat, water we drink, soil we touch and the air we breathe.

Harms of Toxins to Our Body

Harms of Toxins to Our Body

Because of the air and environmental pollution heavy metals like lead and mercury mix with our drinking water. Drinking this polluted water and eating unhealthy food, consuming alcohol, taking pills, all of these makes or immune system weaker. Furthermore, dangerous illnesses like hearth and vein problems, hormonal problems, overweight problem, diabetes and cancer also caused by same reason.

Affects of the toxins we take our body are generally exhaustion, weakness, not feeling well, over sleepy or insomnia. Meanwhile, muscle tension, quick and hard temper, physiological and physical health problems also can be seen because of toxins.

Disposing Toxins Through Food

Disposing Toxins Through Food

We can easily dispose toxins from our body when we eat healthy food. Now let me tell you about foods that helps us with disposing toxins.

Red beet: Rich beta-carotene and vitamin C source. Very powerful antioxidant.

Carrot: Very strong antioxidant and rich beta-carotene and vitamin C source like red beet.

Globe artichoke: A vegetable which is strong antioxidant source. Helps with decreasing cholesterol and very friendly for liver health.

Green leafed Vegetables: Defend the liver against heavy metals. Chlorophyll they contain, helps our liver while fighting with toxins.

Chicory and pepper weed: In order the deal with toxins, increase the gall production and organize its flow.

Apple: A healthy food which helps us the clean toxins from our digestion system.

Walnut: Rich omega-3 source. It contains arginine which protects our liver health.

Salmon and Tuna: These fish are liver friendly and contain omega-3. Helps us to dispose toxins.

Curcuma: A spice type which is very healthy for liver.

Avocado: Glutathione it contains, defend against the toxins which are harmful for our liver. Very powerful toxin cleaner.

Garlic and Onion: Very power foods that strengthen our immune system. Waken the bloodstream, makes our digestion system work proper. Takes a main role in disposing unneedful water and help the liver with disposing toxins.

Green Tea:  With the help of high antioxidant affect it contain, supports the heart health. Balances the blood sugar and body temperature, helps digestion. Increases the speed of metabolism.

Fruits and vegetables contain great deal of vitamin, mineral, polyphenol and flavanol which are strong antioxidant source.

As a result of researches, popularly known antioxidant sources are vitamin A, C and E, lycopene, flavonoids, beta-carotenes and selenium.

Food within our nutrition schedule is important for the detoxing our liver. Detoxing is the cleaning the organism itself from toxins that harms itself. Because of that we should eat antioxidant foods to help our body with this process.

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