Do you know the harms of fast weight loss?
Do you know the harms of fast weight loss?

How Much Weight Should You Lose in a Month?

How much weight should you lose in a month? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the maximum limit for healthy weakening is between 500 and 1000 grams per week.

The World Health Organization (WHO), the monthly weight loss should be between 2-4 kg, he says. However, if the person is very swollen, if it is to be prepared for surgery, if a person has any health problems depending on the weight or is in the process of occurrence, he can give 6 kg per month under the supervision of doctor and dietitian.

It is inconvenient to lose weight fast

According to nutrition and diet experts, no one should try to lose weight in 10 days. An unhealthy fast weight loss means an inadequate and unstable diet. First of all, he can stay bloodless. Vitamins B and B12 may decrease. As these decrease, the person becomes aggressive. Also losing weight quickly can cause sagging in the body.

Stop fast weight loss, even in a healthy slimming person should rest from time to time.

The Harms of Fast Weight Loss

Do you know the harms of fast weight loss?

Your hormone balance will be disrupted

To lose weight fast, you need to take very few calories. Low calorie intake always interferes with your body’s energy production and consumption mechanisms. Also, if you take too few calories, not all of the vital organs can get enough energy, and some organs have to go to restriction.

The organ and related hormones that are restricted are severely damaged in this process. The risk of hormone disorder is higher in people with low calories along with insufficient fat intake. Because fat plays a key role in many hormones and body structures.

So fast weight loss disrupts your hormones. In this case, it causes loss of sexual desire, sleep problems, digestive system problems.

So you need to not lose weight fast in order to maintain the order of your hormones that make your body function correctly.

It causes deficiency of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients

It causes deficiency of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients

To live, you have to be fed in a way that takes a certain amount of certain nutrients. This is because cellular activities and the reactions necessary to live produce a need for vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats.

If you try to lose weight fast you need to eat very little. This causes you to take very little vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats.

If you do not receive the necessary nutrients, you may experience many problems such as intense novelization, fatigue and weakness, cramps, and impaired organ function.

For this reason, trying to lose weight fast, to get the nutrients needed for a healthy life is quite a wrong choice.

It causes gallstones to form

Research shows that giving more than 1.5 kilos a week increases the risk of gallstones

The desire to lose weight fast by trying to get too few calories prevents your gallbladder from completely emptying. This significantly increases the risk of gallstone formation.

Gallstone problems, on the other hand, increase the risk of hospitalization in the long term. It divides the weight loss process and, if it progresses, causes you to have surgery.

Research shows that giving more than 1.5 kilos a week increases the risk of gallstones.

It can increase the frequency of depression

Very low calorie intake stresses your body. Intense stress disrupts biochemical activities on the brain. In addition, poor nutrition ie intake of less vitamins and minerals leaves bad effects on the brain.

Therefore, if you do over-calorie restriction for a long time and you do not eat properly, your risk of depression will increase.

Especially in the lack of micronutrients such as vitamins B12 and D and folic acid, neurological disorders are seen.

Of course, the loss of rapid weight loss is not limited to this. Other damages include accelerating hair loss, disruption of your metabolism, constant constipation, excessive fluid loss (dehydration), and reduced mental abilities.

But the only problem with fast weight loss is not about health. Let me explain.

You lost weight fast. And then?

Bad eating habits control your body and mind in the long run. If you try to lose weight fast and succeed, your body will not find enough time to acquire the right habits.

What do I mean?

In short, the situation. If you lose weight fast, your body changes, not your brain. Therefore, your brain, which does not change after losing weight, causes you to gain weight. Because habits are still there. We often see this situation after stomach reduction surgery.

Although the patients lose weight very quickly after the operation, they return to their bad habits due to lack of training process. As a result, they expand their tiny stomachs by poor nutrition and gain weight.

The only reason for this is the lack of a healthy eating habit.

Therefore, losing weight quickly makes it difficult for you to maintain your weight in the long run. If you want to stay in the weight you lose, you should gain the right eating habits by losing weight slowly and continuously instead of losing weight fast.

How many calories should I take to lose weight?

You should reduce your daily calorie requirement by 500 to 1,000 calories

I talked about the fact that you shouldn’t lose weight fast and the limits of monthly weight loss. There’s only one question I haven’t answered about it. That’s the question of how many calories you need to take to lose weight?

Let me point out in advance that you don’t have a clear answer here. Because many differences in metabolism, diet, social life and so on change one’s calorie requirement.

But here’s a simple account to get an average idea and create a starting point.

Research shows that eating between 500 and 1,000 fewer calories than your daily calorie requirement is enough for a weight loss of between 500 and 1000 grams per week.

So to lose weight at a healthy pace, you should reduce your daily calorie requirement by 500 to 1,000 calories.

As a result, the harms of fast weight loss severely impair your quality of life and health. So it’s much more important not to get caught up in instant whims and try to lose weight regularly.

Also if you want to stay healthy,

  • You should lose maximum of 4 kilograms a month (if you’re not overweight),
  • You should create a diet plan that is no more than 500 to 1000 calories lower than your daily calorie requirement.

If you have just started the weight loss process, you should read my article about “how did I lose weight?”

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