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What Are The Harms of Eating Fast ?

Harms of Fast Eating

Harms of Fast Eating

Nowadays life is fast. There is little time for ourselves. This situation effects our nutrition too. There are many reasons which makes us eat faster. During the day, reasons like urgent matters,stressful moments, long hunger time lead to fast eating habit. 

We eat faster when the time is short or our food pals are missing. Sometimes it’s just the place that we don’t like.

But eating shouldn’t be hurried. Mouth is the place where digestion start. Because of that we must chew nicely before swallow. Otherwise, if you will continue to eat fast you may suffer some important health problems. A healthy life comes with a healthy habits.

There are three main topics regarding to harms of  fast eating.

  1. Digestion Problems
  2. Weight Gain Problems
  3. Metabolism Problems

Digestion Problems Caused by Fast Eating 

Digestion Problems Caused by Fast Eating

Habit of quick eating leads to swallowing the bites before well grinded. So the food passed to stomach will affect badly the digestion system. People having this kind of nutrition routine likely to have indigestion problem. Indigestion brings stomach problems with it. This is why should be well grind the bites we take. Well grinded foods are easy to digest.

Weight Gain Problems Caused by Fast Eating

Weight Gain Problems Caused by Fast Eating 

Fast eating is the biggest reason why we gain weight. While we eat, stomach and the brain work together. İf the amount of the food taken in your system stomach sends signals to your brain indicates that you are filled.This signal is transmitted delayed. İf we eat fast meanwhile, we take more calories than our body needs.

Because of that we should try to eat slowly.This way we can eat less and avoid weight gain.

According to scientific resources, quick eaters tend to gain more calories than slow eaters. Fast eaters feel less filled and hungers more. Result of that, rarely people suffer from obesity.

Metabolism Problems Caused by Fast Eating                       

Metabolism Problems Caused by Fast Eating

As a result of fast eating, linked to weight gain,some metabolism problems may occur. Situations like weight gain problem and obesity are permanent, sickness like diabetes and insulin resistance can be seen.

In order the achieve a healthy life and live longer we must lose this bad effective habits. Learning accurate nutrition habit is the best change we could ever made.

How to Lose Fast Eating Habit ? 

Try to chose comfortable place to eat. Because places you don’t like and being uncomfortable makes you finish your meal and get out of that place. Because of that you will eat faster.

  • Don’t eat with your friends who is a fast eater. Or you can inform him about healthy nutrition habits.
  • Try to avoid hot meals. Hot meals burns your mouth so swallowed right away. Because of that, you can wait a little bit so your meal is cools.
  • Generally stressed and intense mood leads to eat more food than usual. In these moments fast eating is inevitable. In this case outcome will not be good for your health. Because of that times like this you should avoid eating.
  • Be controlled while eating. Make yourself a habit of slow eating.

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