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10 Best Hip-Strengthening and Tightening Exercises

10 Best Hip-Strengthening and Tightening Exercises

Stitching the hips, having a tight and sexy look is the imagination of all the ladies. Some movements can be used to tighten the hips. So what are the actions that are necessary to achieve this view in our dream and to make it look more fit ? Here are 10 moves that tighten the hip …

Best Hip Strengthening and Tightening Exercises at Home

1. Act Squat
10 Best Hip-Strengthening and Tightening Exercises

When the squat movement is applied, the feet are opened at the shoulder width. The arms are either parallel to the body on the side, either attached to the back of the head, or stretched forward to maintain balance. The body should be straight, but tilted forward in an upright position. A sitting position is made. It should be applied 10 times at each set in 2 sets. At the end of 2 weeks, the number of sets can be increased to 3.

2. Act Front Lunge
Hip-Strengthening and Tightening Exercises

We must stand upright at the beginning of the movement. We are leaning forward, provided that our body is upright. You can have more effect using dumbbells when applying this act. You can make this movement in turn for each leg. 

20 times a day can make 2 sets. In the future, you can increase the set to 3.

3. Act Glute Kick Back
10 Best Hip Tightening Exercises

While we are moving, we take a crawling position on our elbows. Then we lift one of our legs from the knees or lift them up straight. Repeating the movement we do not place our knees on the ground.

10 Best Hip-Strengthening and Tightening Exercises

Those who have trouble in his waist and those who are forced to do movement can put his hands on the floor instead of elbows. You can do this movement in 2 sets, 15 times for one leg in each set. With this act you will feel the burning in your hip muscles intensively.

4. Act Hip Bridge
Hip Tightening Exercises

Lie down on the ground in a position on the back. Feet on the floor in a way that the legs are broken in the knees. The hands are stretched straight along the side and the hip is lifted up with support. When the hip is lifted, the muscle of the hip is contracted for 2-3 seconds and it is returned to the starting position again.

The hip bridge act is made in 3 sets and 15 times on each set.

5. Act One Leg Hip Bridge
10 Best Hip-Strengthening Exercises

It is similar to the “hip bridge” act we just mentioned. In this movement, one foot is raised straight forward, the other foot is broken on the floor of the foot in a broken position, raising your back up.

You can do this in 2 sets to do it 10 times in each set, leaving an intense effect on the hip muscles and back muscles.

6. Act Side Lying One Leg Lift
Hip-Strengthening Exercises

Lying side by side on the ground. Support is given to your head as shown in the picture with your arm remaining on the ground. Feet are either in a broken position or in a flat position, legs are raised upwards. In 2 sets at the input level, it is applied by repeating 25 times on each set. Then, this acts can be increased later.

7. Act Side Booty Lift
10 Best Hip-Strengthening and Tightening Exercises

Lie down on the ground in a face-down. Two hands are put together in front to support the chin. Ankles are joined together. Then, without disturbing the position of the legs and feet, the hip is squeezed and the legs are lifted up from the waist.

The movement can be done with the help of the pilates ball as shown in the above image. You can do this in a total of 3 sets and 15 times on each set.

8. Act Handstand One Leg Lift
10 Best Hip-Strengthening and Tightening Exercises

We extend our hands to the ground like in the picture and lift our feet up and create a 45 degree angle. Then, when the other leg is lifted up, the hip muscle is squeezed and the support on the ground is broken from the knee to the ground. This can be done in 2 sets, 12 times in each set.

9. Act Glute Side One Leg Lift
10 Best Hip Tightening Exercises

When applying this act, the elbows should be on the ground. The arms should be flat on the ground and the leg should be opened to the side in a broken position from the knee.

It can be done in 2 sets for both legs and 15 times again. As the legs become stronger, you can increase the number of sets to 3 and the number of repetitions to 20. To make the movement more difficult and benefit, legs are opened straight without breaking the knee.

10. Act Squat Jump
Best Hip Tightening Exercises

Feet are wide in the shoulder. The hip is pulled towards the back and bend on the ground. After bending, the act is completed by jumping up. Your body position should be in the form of squats while descending.

You can start this action in 2 sets and repeat it 10 times. You can go up to 3 sets in the following days. The number of repetitions can be increased over 12 times. By applying this act, you also have a tight cardio program. But those who have problems in their knees should not do this.

Apart from these exercises, cycling is recommended by experts. It is recommended that you apply a healthy diet to get maximum efficiency along with these exercises. You can review the diet plans on our site: Diet Plans 

It is also recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water a day while exercising and diet. Drinking water will help our body to work better and will help us to lose weight.

We wish you all a healthy and happy day. Goodbye.

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