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At Home Exercises (Easy Workout Moves at Home)

Exercises at home for fast weight-loss
Workouts at home for fast weight-loss

At Home Exercises (Easy Workout Moves at Home)

Hello ! Today I will show you the exercises made of a few short and simple movements. Dieting with these movements is an inevitable fact to lose weight fast. But while we diet, we lose weight much faster if we increase our movement. (walk, climb stairs etc.) Because our body burns more calorie than it needs to burn. After a certain calorie burns, the body will start to burn fat. Exercise is especially important for fat burning. Many people say it is impossible to burn fat without doing exercises/sports. Everyone on the diet needs to spend 30 minutes walking a day and 10-15 minutes at home to exercise. The exercises here are fitness movements especially for the burning of fat in the abdominal, abdominal and lumbar regions.

Each move must be done in 3 sets of 10 repeats. In the 2nd week you can take 15 repeats.

Exercises Movements at-home:

1) Bridge Motion

Bridge movement is particularly effective in dissolving fats in the basin. It also provides your abdominal muscles to tighten. This movement is also good for back pain. When you make the bridge motion, your hand must be clear and outward. You should lift your hips and back straight up and wait at least 3-4 seconds after tightening yourself. So the effect will increase.

workouts at home

2) Hand – Knee Motion

This move is a significant move for the melting of the fat in your belly and abdomen. You will hold your legs upright as shown in the picture and lift your back up, touch your arms on your knees. And repaet it.

workout at home

3) Knee – Chest Motion

Another effective action in dissolving abdominal fat is the knee-chest movement. This movement must stand on your feet will not touch the ground. So when you pull your leg straight back and push it back, your leg should not touch to ground.

workouts at-home 2

4) Leg Muscle Motion

If you have cellulite or fat in your lower legs and calves, buy a small ball. As shown in the picture, put it between your legs and squeeze it, move it to the left and right and repeat it. Then take the same action between your wrists.

For more exercises, you can look at the exercise section on our site. Click to go to the Exercise section. New exercises will continue to be added. Also remember that you need to pay attention to your nutrition to lose weight more effectively with exercises. You should definitely stay away from fatty, salty, sugary, fast-food foods. It is recommended to start a diet with sports. You can use our site to find the right diet for you. (PS: Diet Plans) We wish you healthy days.

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