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Omni Diet Plan: Lose Weight Quickly and Healthy – Lose 5 Kgs Per Week !

The Omni Diet Plan !
Lose Weight Quickly and Healthy

What is The Omni Diet ?

Today, I will share The Omni Diet, one of the most popular diets in the world. The Omni Diet book is one of the best-selling New York Times lists ! The main aim of the Omni Diet is to create a simple and easy-to-apply diet plan that combines high quality proteins by keeping the brain clear of foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables that are effective against diseases and by keeping muscles and organs working better.

In the Omni diet, energy is increased with 70 percent vegetables and 30 percent protein-based foods. This reduces the risk of disease. Brain and hormone functions work better and allow you to lose a significant amount of weight. Omni Diet is a successful diet program prepared carefully for body health.

“Tana Amen”, one of the most famous nutritional experts in the United States, is the creator of the diet. The Omni Diet prepared by Tana Amen allows you to lose about 5 kilograms (11+ pounds) per week. “Explore the delicious and healthy foods that will be good for your health with Omni diet.” Dr. Mehmet OZ said that.

Omni’s word means everything. This is called because we need all the nutrients from healthy sources. There’s everything useful inside the Omni diet. A diet prepared by Tana Amen 70 percent of vegetables and fruits 30 percent of protein should be consumed. In this way, the human body increases the resistance to disease, the brain and hormones work more smoothly, the body is ready to lose weight more easily and quickly.

Tana Amen founder of the Omni Diet
Tana Amen founder of the Omni Diet

Foods That Should Not Be Eaten In Omni Diet

  • Processed foods (crackers, jelly, popcorn, frozen foods, ketchup, processed meats, boxed jar food)
  • Vegetable oils (corn, canola, soybean)
  • All foods containing artificial sweetener, trans fat and hydrogenated fat (confectionery, sauce, potato chips, syrup, beverage, ice cream)
  • Juice. Even if it is one hundred percent fruit, the juice causes the blood sugar to rise
  • Foods containing genetically modified ingredients
  • Cookies, cakes, candies and other sweets
  • Alcohol

Foods To Be Eaten in The Omni Diet

  • All kinds of vegetables
  • Small amount of fruits
  • Lean meat, fish and poultry
  • Egg
  • Raw, non-salted seeds and nuts
  • Dried beans and lentils
  • Fresh and dry spices

You can drink Smoothie !

The smoothies are my favorite drink in terms of having an excellent and balanced meal. They are very suitable for nutrition. They help you get healthy protein, healthy fats, phyto-nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber and other great foods and they’re very useful when you’re in a hurry. You can think of them as the fast food of the Omni Diet. If you have never done a smoothie before, I suggest you try it. You’ll wonder how you lived without them before you even realized it !

Recipe of Healthy Smoothie;

Use a strong blender. Play with ingredients and be creative but pay attention to sugar and calorie content. Add the greens. Choose from probiotic and fruit, vegetable extracts, but make sure they don’t contain gluten. Raw greens add many great nutrients to smoothies, but the flavors are a bit sour and can take time to get used to it. Start off with a small amount of delicacies against the taste of raw greens and gradually increase the amount until you get used to it. Your target should be four pieces of greenery for a piece of fruit. You can also add a teaspoon of raw honey (if you’re not insulin-resistant) but when you get used to it, cut off all other sweeteners. The antioxidant and phyto is full of nutrients and adds a pleasant taste. Add almond paste into the smoothie to add consistency.

Omni Diet Plan Smoothie
You can drink smoothie while Omni Diet

Thanks to the Omni Diet;

  • Healthy, easy and you can lose weight
  • You will feel better and more fit
  • It will help you to protect from diseases
  • Your brain and hormones will work healthier
  • Your skin will be rejuvenated

Sample Omni Diet Plan – 1


  • 2 boiled eggs, greens, pepper, cucumber, tomato
  • 1 cup green tea
  • 500 grams water with freshly squeezed lemon juice


  • Chopped raw vegetables in 2-3 bowls
  • 2 tablespoons humus or salsa
  • 60-90 g lean protein (usually tuna, salmon or shrimp)


  • 1 tablespoon chopped raw basil or walnut
  • 500 grams water with freshly squeezed lemon juice

Refreshment – 2 (if you get hungry)

  • Option 1: Chicken salad with apples, cinnamon, lemon water
  • Option 2: 1/2 apple, 1/2 grapefruit or pear, 1/2 carrot, 1/2 cucumber and 1 tablespoon of flaxseed
  • 500 grams water with freshly squeezed lemon juice


  • Half a bowl of noodles with 60-90 gr shrimp or turkey mince with tomato-basil sauce
  • A large salad with 1 tablespoon olive oil sauce
  • 1-2 bowls steamed broccoli
  • Herbal tea (Herbal tea recipes here: Herbal Teas)
Sample The Omni Diet Menu

Sample Omni Diet Plan – 2

Food allowed on the Omni Diet: Fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts (natural), lentils, beans, cereals, tons and salmon, fresh and dry plants, red meat.


  • Slaw Salad
  • Fresh green pepper and red pepper
  • Onion and garlic
  • 1 cup of green tea (without sugar)


  • Fresh vegetables or fruit juice


  • A large bowl, tomato, cucumber, onion and peppered salad


  • A handful of dried nuts


  • Chops on grill
  • Broccoli and mashed potatoes

Note: There is a certain amount of food in the diet. You must stop eating when you feel that you have reached the moment of satisfaction. So you should eat slowly. And you should drink at least 1 glass of water before eating. Diet is applied for 2 weeks. You can apply once a month. This diet averages 5 kilograms of weight loss. (11 pounds) Tana Ameen website: https://tanaamen.com/

During the diet, you have to workout/walking 30 minutes a day. It is strictly forbidden to consume soy products, refined sugar and frozen meats in Omni Diet ! For more details and diet lists, we recommend that you purchase the Omni Diet. Stay healthy. Click here to browse other diet programs: Diet Plans

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