How Did I Lose Weight ? 50 Pounds in 4 Months !

How did I lose 50 pounds (22 kgs) in 4 months
How did I lose 50 pounds (22 kgs) in 4 months

How Did I Lose Weight ? 50 Pounds in 4 Months !

How did i lose weight ? Hello worthy readers. Are you a lot of pounds ? Do you think how can you do lose weight fast ? Okey now. I explain how i did 50 pounds in 4 months ! I want to share with you how i have lose weight from 101 kilograms to 79 kilograms in just 4 months. It is not impossible for anyone like me to be able to have a body fit by losing weight. With proper diet and sports, you can relieve your fats by protecting your muscles. As a result yes you can lose 50 pounds (22 kgs) in 4 months!

I have to say, after losing weight, my life has changed completely. Right now I’m about to marry the woman of my life. If I hadn’t lost weight, i’d never have met him. Because after losing weight, i had other opportunities to work. And I started to work in another city and met her. So it’s butterfly effect.. In short, I’ve lost weight and my life has changed completely.

How Did I Lose Weight ?

There is a three step i did follow for lose weight..

Step 1: Steadliness

You must be stable and stubborn for lose weight ! %50 of the work is over in your head ! Dont forget it ! Do not interrupt the your diet program. Be insist ! When you start the diet you will think that you will lose a lot of weight due to rapid water loss in the first weeks. But it slows down at the 2nd and 3rd weeks, when you slow down you should never give up, you must continue for success. Its normal for 2nd and 3rd weeks.. You will continue to lose weight fast again after when your changes metobolism.

Step 2 : Sport/Exercise

This step will not scare you. I was the one who did not play sports before I started diet. If you apply the easy sport program I will share with you, you can lose much faster. Walk at least 30 minutes (45 minutes would be great.) in mid-tempo every day of the week. After a while you will be habitual and will not be comfortable not to melt the dishes you eat and you will want to walk..

Especially when too-fat men are afraid of sagging after weight loss or if they want to look fit after slimming, they can work with dumbbells every day to improve the forearm, shoulder and back arm.

Step 3 : Diet

This is the most important step for us ! I will explain it briefly. By following the steps in below I gave 50 lbs in just 4 months. (actually not even four months.)

– Don’t eat bread: You should’nt eat any breads. If you can not stop eating bread, eat at least 1 thin slice brown bread a day.

– Do not consume salt: Salt use is an effect that slows weight loss. If you are a salt user, reduce the salt or even never use it if you can. Use very little salt in meals, do not use salt for salads and breakfast.

– Decrease using sugar or never use it: Stay away from sugary drinks in especially. Don’t use sugar in your coffe, nescafe or tea.. You can prefer sugarless coffe or green tea.

 – Never eat snacks ! They’re not healthy products. Specially first two months never eat chips, chocolate, wafer, cookies and the others..  After a while you will not need it because your stomach will shrink.

– Watch out for drinks ! Do not choose especially aromatic coffies (frappuccino, mocha etc..) never drink cola, ice tea, lemonade (with sugar) You can drink healthy drinks like a green tea.

– Drink plenty of water: As you come to your mind, drink water every 1-2 hours.

– Stay away from unhealthy fast-food products: Hamburger, fried potatoes, and the others…  If it is hard to prepare meals, you can prepare/order chicken salad like me.

– You can eat as much greens, tomato, eggs and some low-fat cheese as you like at breakfast.

My typical example is the diet;


  • I drink a glass of water first or 1-2 glass of tea (sugarless),
  • A medium tomato,
  • As much green as you want, pepper, cucumber..
  • A thick slice of cheese,
  • Three-four green olives,
  • I put all of them in a plate and add some (really really very little) olive oil (Do not use any oil other than olive oil.)
  • A slice of brown bread


  • Lunches usually have a green apple and drink plenty of water.


  • I often eat chicken salad at dinner. The non-oily chicken does not bother you when you are on the diet. You can eat fatless chicken whenever you want. It was the one I ate most in my diet, chicken. As a student I usually order chicken salad. (But it would be better if you prepared yourself) sometimes I did it myself. Pretty simple. Boil the chickens without using too much oil. Then divide the chickens into very small pieces. In a salad bowl, cut tomatoes, lettuce, all the greens you want. Sprinkle on the chicken pieces and add little olive oil. Prepare yourself a big plate. Do not leave hungry from table. And certainly consume water with food. Make it a habit to drink water both before and after meals.

I tried to answer how I lost weight. Yes friends this is my weight loss achievement in 4 months. In the photos below you can see my previous photos without diet and sports. My opinion is that those who want to lose weight should be stubborn. You should say “I will do it !” The hardest times are the first weeks, try to stand. After you lose weight you will understand how life is enjoyable. For a healthy and quality life, you should all lose good weight. You can also communicate with me to share your weight loss memories.

Before and After Photos:

I hope it works for you too. Stay healthy, have a nice day ! You can check all diet lists in here: diet plans

How my life changed after losing weight ?

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How did my life change after i lost weight ?

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