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Best Diet Plans to Lose Weight – Most Famous Diets for Fast Weight Loss !

Best Diet Plans to Lose Weight

Everyday a new diet plan is represented as an alternative weight loss way for the ones who wants to lose weight. All of those diets plans promises weight loss eventually. While some of them are offering this promise in a very realistic way, in the other hand, some of them claims almost impossible results.

Most of us wishes the lose weight as fast as we can, and follow the diet plans in order to do so. However, the biggest thing that makes the diet harder is, there aren’t a diet plan which works with everybody. Because of that, individual differences sometimes may forge individual diet plans.

While some people start to lose weight when they stop eating bread for a couple of weeks, in the other hand, some people are struggling with losing weight although when they have limited their meals for many years. Also, we can observe that most diet plans are very effective at the beginning but after a while they doesn’t help us with weight loss anymore.

Accordingly, instead of aiming to lose weight in a few weeks, chasing nourishment programs in a long term, even though it will take a long time, eventually will help you to reach a balanced weight. Therefore, instead of losing weight with hunger and suffering to body you should bring a healthy nourishment program into action.

Top Diet Plans
Most Famous Diet Plans

Which Diet Plans Can Help You with Losing Weight ?

Are you looking for best diet plans for weight loss ? Here will go through over diet plans that will help to lose weight. You can check out our other diet plans by clicking here.

Best Diet Plans for Weight Loss

Low-Carbohydrate Diet / Ketogenic Diet

Identified as Low-carbohydrate diet or ketogenic diet, consuming glucose is either reducing or completely annihilating. Finally, when body has no glucose source to use, it starts to use stored body fat and it leads to lose weight.

Low-Carbohydrate Diet / Ketogenic Diet is very popular these days
Low-Carbohydrate Diet / Ketogenic Diet is very popular these days


Probably you will experience a very quick weight loss process, especially in the first weeks and months. Because, when we consume sugared and starchy foods, our body secretes insulin hormone and it commands to our cells to store energy as body fat. When carbohydrate digestion is extremely low, the body release less insulin and as the consequence of this, glycogen uses up by body and doesn’t be stored. When the glycogen is over, body fats will be used.

Diabetes risk might be lower since Low-carbohydrate diet has less sugar and starch in it. High carbohydrate diets known with raising the risks of obesity, heart diseases and diabetes.

When you switch cereal and the other carbs with protein-rich foods and healthy fats, you will be full up easily and feel less hunger. Then oils and proteins have substantial effects and it provides less ghrelin (hunger) hormone because of insulin decrease.


Decreasing carbs too much may cause energy deprivation and tiredness symptoms. Especially people with active lives, may not find enough energy to keep up the tempo.

Carbs secretly involved in sources like fruits, broad beans and quinoa. Removing those from your life completely, may prevent to receive basic vitamins and minerals.

Low-fat Diet Plan

Low in fat diets recommend you limit the fat you take to your body in a day. This diet became very popular specially in 1980’s.

Low-fat Diet restricts your fat intake
Low-fat Diet restricts your fat intake


Very oily foods are also generally high calorie foods. If you like to do calorie calculation, you can try to avoid consuming high calorie foods. Therefore, it might help you to lose weight .

Because of you discard fatty foods like deserts or coke from your nutrition, it will healthy for your body. If you wonder about harms of coke, you can read the article from here.


Low fat foods are usually processed foods which contains full of sugar, and unnatural ingredients. This added content might be the main reason of your weight gain.

It is possible to overconsumption by choosing low fat foods. Because low fat foods doesn’t provide enough saturation and for this reason there is a high chance it will increase our food consumption.

Our body needs fat. Even if the foods like avocado and butter includes high calories, also they have healthy oils that makes our body functional.

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet plan, has appeared in one of the most beautiful geographies in the world and it offers us to natural consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, olive oil, high quality barnyard fowls and marine products.

The Mediterranean Diet includes greens, olive oil and fish products
The Mediterranean Diet includes greens, olive oil and fish products


Since this diet plan focuses the foods that found in nature, you will consume processed foods barely. For example you can prefer dried fruits instead of cookies as snack.

The foods which are rich by healthy oil may reduce the risk of heart diseases. Also this diet plan advantageous since it maybe continued for a long period.


It is prone to overconsumption. Eventhough healthy oils good for us, our portions still need to be controlled. It might be hard for some of us.

Even if this eating style and diet plan good for health in a long term, it might not be good for those want to lose weight so quickly.

Vegetarian and Vegan Diet

The vegetarians are avoiding eating barnyard fowls, marine products and meat in general. On the other hand, vegans are taking this one more step further and avoiding from every kind of animal product. İncluding this dairy products and egg.

Vegetarian diets never lose their popularity
Vegetarian diets never lose their popularity


Since it is a herbal nutrition, it is rich by fibrous and weak in means of fat. So, you don’t have to count your calories!

Vegetarian diet plans are associated with low blood pressure and low cholesterol. If you want to check these, it might be helpful cutting the meat out of your life.


What is the meaning of the fries and chips, even if they are meat free? Those are not healthy even if they are vegetarian. In other word, it doesn’t mean that you are directly be fed healthy because of not consuming meat.

High qualified meat and products have nutrition which is hard to replace. By the reason of that, vegans should be careful against nutrition lack and may consume nutrition supports.

Paleo Diet Plan

Paleo diet plan is offering to embrace our ancestors’ nutrition system from thousands of year ago. If you are interested in Paleo diet plan, you can check our guide about this subject. Here

Visit our paleo diet guide for info
Visit our paleo diet guide for info


It might helpful to not the have grains in this diet plan, because of it’s weak nutritive value you deactivate calories with starch and this is decreasing the insulin levels. And generally, the cereals replacing with the vegetables.

Following the forager lifestyle might help you to have more minerals, omega-3, protein and healthy fats. People who follows the Paleo diet plan are usually contact with the autoimmune disease lesser and become more successful about losing weight.

You need to stay away from grains and sugars. This diet generally includes anti-inflammatory foods like fresh fish, forest fruits, green vegetables and dried fruits.


Unfortunately, people who are following this diet plan consuming a little too much meat. Therefore, they are taking the toxic products in animal products with in it.

Organic food idea is not recommended in this diet.

Remember !

Don’t forget that, you don’t have to follow these diet plans’ rules step by step and you can change the parts that don’t match with you. Or you can implement these diets time to time. For example, you can follow vegetarian diet for a few days in a week and then you can go back to your normal nourishment.

Besides that you can decrease your carbs receive for a few weeks and you can reduce the insulin and after that you can pass to Mediterranean diet and have more stabilized nourishment.

As we always say, don’t forget to do exercise and take a look our weight loss tips!

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