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1500 Calorie Diet Plan for Weight Loss

1500 calorie diet plan

1500 Calorie Diet Plan (Fast-weakening diet)

Hello friends ! I will share a 1500 calorie diet plan with you today. With this diet you can simple and easily lose 3-5 pounds in 1 month. As you know, less then 1500 calorie diet programs can force you to compromise your health and cause you to lose weight unhealthy, and even more importantly, lose muscle mass and cause you to lose weight. Therefore, diets below 1500 calories are not recommended. Thanks to the 1500 calorie diet list, it is possible to lose weight without slowing down your metabolism. Here is the diet plan;

1500 Calorie Diet Plan

Daily serving quantities;

  • Milk-Yogurt: 1.5 portion
  • Bread: 7 portion
  • Fruit: 4 portion
  • Vegetables (Cooked):  3 portion
  • Olive Oil: 4 portion

Wake up

  • A glass of hot water (with lemon and cinnamon)


  • Tea or coffee (without sugar)
  • Two slice of cheese (low-fat) or one slice of cheese and one boiled egg.
  • Greens: tomato, cucumber, parsley (fat free)
  • Three olives
  • Two thin slices of brown bread

Before Midday

  • One portion fruit (1 green apple etc.)


  • Two meatballs or 8 spoons of legumes
  • Fat-free salad
  • Half bowl of yogurt or an apple
  • Two thin slice of brown bread


  • One portion fruit
  • Five almonds
  • A glass of water


  • 1 ladle of soup
  • 8 tablespoons vegetable food and fat-free salad or only olive oil salad
  • Half a glass of yogurt
  • A thin slice of brown bread


  • Two portion of fruit

Suggestions for your diet:

  • Eat your food at the indicated time and amount (without reducing or increasing).
  • Do not skip meals. (causing your metabolism to slow down.)
  • You eat your food slowly and chew very well.
  • Use no more than 4-5 tablespoons oil a day.
  • Drink at least 2 glasses of green tea every day.
  • Drink at least 2.5 liters (10-15 glass) of water per day (Especially 45 minutes before meal)
  • Especially after 20 minutes from lunch and dinner you should walking or exercises (like climb stairs) (39-60 minutes)
  • Take care to apply your diet regularly and continuously in all conditions and environments.
  • Your dietitian are your closest advisors to your nutrition.

Those who practice this diet can share their experiences with us, thus leading to new friends. Be determined to lose weight ! I personally explained how I lost 22 pounds in 4 months with the photos. Link: How did i weight-loss. Never forget that the important thing is determination. All my readers wish healthy days. Do not forget to share our article on social media, have a nice day for all of our readers 🙂

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