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1 Week Diet Plan to Speed Up Metabolism

1 Week Speed-up Metabolism Diet Plan
1 Week Speed-up Metabolism Diet

1 Week Diet Plan to Speed Up Metabolism

Hello dear readers ! Do you want to Accelerates Metabolism ?  Today i will share 1 Week Diet Plan to Speed Up Metabolism ! It is possible to accelerate our slowing metabolism. We will do this by eating healthy and drinking plenty of water and moving as much as we can. If we need to define the rate of metabolism, we can call the minimum energy required for the functioning of the organs and the viability of the cells.

At the rate of metabolism, there are many factors such as age, height, weight, physical activity, body fat ratio. In addition to these, the foods we consume, that is, our eating habits, are also effective in the metabolism work.

How do I know that metabolism works slowly ? A slow and irregular metabolism can cause fatigue, insomnia, constant tiredness, dry skin or excessive dry hair, constipation, bloating, and even menstrual irregularities. If you have some of these problems and the doctors say you are healthy, but your complaints still do not pass, your metabolism is slow. Do not worry, by drinking plenty of water, you can accelerate your metabolism with simple physical activities and the right nutrients.

1 Week Diet Plan to Accelerates Metabolism 

When you wake up every morning, you will feel more energetic if you drink a little lemon in 1 glass of water and start the day. (You can check warm lemon water benefits: Warm Lemon Water Benefits)


  • 1 Boiled egg
  • 1 piece of cottage cheese or fat-free white cheese
  • 5 olive
  • 1 tomato or cucumber
  • 1 thin slice of brown bran bread
  • 1 glass of green tea or appcirot tea or any herbal tea


  • 1 Cup sugar-free coffee
  • 2 dried apricot or 1 dry fig
  • 2 crushed walnut or 4 almond


  • 100 grams grilled chicken breast meat or 100 grams grilled fish
  • 1 bowl plenty of greens salad
  • 1 slice of bran bread


  • 1 apple or 1 pear
  • 1 cup of green tea (it would be more effective if you put some ginger into it)


  • 1 plate soup or 1 slice wholewheat bread
  • 1 plate of vegetable food (low-fat and low-salted. Like cauliflower, leeks, broccoli, spinach, celery dishes)
  • 1 small bowl of yogurt
  • 1 bowl of plenty of greens salad

Last Refreshment:

  • 1 cup of lactose-free cinnamon milk or cinnamon herb tea. (If you dont like milk)

I hope you like metabolism diet list. For the other diet plans: Diet Plans

Note: This diet is meant to speed up metabolism and make you feel more vigorous. Also this diet for to lose weight and to eliminate edema in the body. Consult your doctor before starting the diet. This diet should be left after 1 week. Very serious physical activities should be avoided throughout the diet.

It is useful to drink a glass of water 20 minutes before morning, noon and evening meals and prepare your stomach for dinner. You should consume 2 liters of water a day to achieve your goal. Take care not to deviate from the diet program. You should not forget that you need to keep away from unnecessary junk food and calorie foods.

You can also get much more positive results if you support your diet program with a mild fitness exercise or at least walking an hour a day. Good day to you all !

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